What better way to start 2023 than by setting New Year’s resolutions for your communication? The digital world and hybrid environments require new ways of contact, and mastering nonverbal communication can bring a lot of benefits to your team. Below are some great suggestions to connect and motiva

The Art of Delegating

November 01, 2022 By Third Level

For some, overriding guilt around delegation is not easy. But remember: the investment in delegating will unlock longer-term benefits, including time savings and more capable, engaged employees. Learn five strategies to help you delegate more often and with less guilt.  Most leaders understand th


Respect should be available to all employees. However, a lack of it is driving people to quit their jobs. What can you as a colleague do to help? Here you can check four ways to help your coworkers feel respected. Third Level can also come into your firm and help your teams build respect and,


Let’s get back to the basics of team building. Why is it important again? Truth is, it isn’t just important, some would argue it is everything!  Employees are a business’s most valuable asset. As a business owner, you should recognize their importance, find ways to connect with your


We define work teams as people who work together to achieve a central goal, which suggests that everyone puts in the same effort. But we all know the workload balance often shifts among team members. Some may take on more responsibility than is reasonable or expected and risk creating an unhealthy t


Many leaders struggle to single-handedly create a culture where employees are empowered both to speak up with ideas and to see them through. But employee perspectives are crucial for retention and innovation. Based on research, authors have identified several tactics leaders and their teams can use


Humor can be an effective communication device. It can help convey that people are trying to empathize, be compassionate, are trying to be helpful, attentive, and more. However, if humor is used in a flippant or sarcastic fashion, it can accentuate negative perceptions. If you’re confused as


What clients say about us

Thank you, Linda, once again for your consulting support, you have certainly helped me maneuver through this difficult team situation.  I appreciate your sincerity, candid feedback, and guidance.  I have partnered with other great leadership companies in the past to help me deal with challenging situations and without a doubt, you are amazing!

Carlos Covarrubias Vice President, Business Technology Connection Enterprise Solutions

Today’s seminar on Emotional Intelligence was outstanding! Everyone was very engaged and we all learned from the topics discussed during your presentation. Attendees provided rave reviews on the feedback forms. Linda, I look forward to future seminars and to continue to drive employee engagement at Connection.

Grisell Martinez, PHR, SHRM-CP Director – Human Resources Connection Enterprise Solutions

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