I’ve engaged Third Level with multiple teams over 12 years and we continue to generate exceptional business results. I see the program as my gift for all those who I’ve worked with and led. Without exception they feel much better about themselves and the world they live in – delivering more through improving satisfaction and engagement as leaders and teams.

I am a better leader, husband and father as a result of the work I do with Third Level.

Nick Williams Managing Director of Transport, Group Transformation Lloyds Banking Group

You managed to take a healthy, vibrant, and talented team to a new level of commitment to their careers, their lives and each other. Each member of our top management team has thanked me for the experience and related that this has been one of the best professional experiences of their lives. The outcome was clearly of great benefit to my businesses over the years. We identify issues that probably wouldn’t have surfaced for two years, saving ourselves at least five times our investment with you. And we are solving problems and confronting issues much more quickly. Our foundation of trust has grown quickly. More recently, the Fascination profile has helped us understand and collaborate far more quickly together as new teams form, and decision-making progresses.

Gary Press President, ARS and Chairman, Lifestyle Media Group

Thank you, Linda, once again for your consulting support, you have certainly helped me maneuver through this difficult team situation.  I appreciate your sincerity, candid feedback, and guidance.  I have partnered with other great leadership companies in the past to help me deal with challenging situations and without a doubt, you are amazing!

Carlos Covarrubias Vice President, Business Technology Connection Enterprise Solutions

Today’s seminar on Emotional Intelligence was outstanding! Everyone was very engaged and we all learned from the topics discussed during your presentation. Attendees provided rave reviews on the feedback forms. Linda, I look forward to future seminars and to continue to drive employee engagement at Connection.

Grisell Martinez, PHR, SHRM-CP Director – Human Resources Connection Enterprise Solutions

Third Level helped the 15 leadership team members confront issues which had never been aired and to acknowledge their own part in the process. Members of the team were encouraged to examine their own strengths and weaknesses. The obvious tangible results of Third Level’s work were: 1. My division moved from losses to profits.  2. Budgets were being met.  3. Projects were being delivered on time.  4. Great success in winning new work and 5. excellent morale.

Euan McEwan CEO Currie & Brown

Third-level managed to drive a significant transformation in our leadership team. They helped move the team from a place of distrust and defensiveness to one of shared goals, openness, trust, mutual respect and support. As a direct result of working with Third Level the team performance improved significantly and the team delivered their ambitious goals on time, budget, and degree of efficacy of a very complex system costing over £30m to deliver. We would not have delivered on time and budget without this intervention–the bottom line impact is tangible.

Jon Hopper Business Architecture Lloyds Banking Group (Retail)

Stephen Garber and Third Level have been coaching our senior executives and senior managers both individually and in teams since 2004. They have shown a good grasp of our business and people development objectives and successfully helped us to achieve them through coaching skills and outstanding team facilitation. While emotional intelligence may seem to many like a soft skill frill, we have found the unusually grounded applied Emotional Intelligence approach Third Level brings to be of value to raising individual and team performance and very helpful with client relations. We’ve very gainfully employed Stephen and his team with both geographic management and teams leading very large projects with great success and benefit.

Richard Lumb (Retired) CEO Financial Services, Accenture

After working with Third Level our team has experienced a vast improvement in communication, self-awareness, and commitment to our mission. This has resulted in greater efficiencies and accuracy in completing our projects, and a much more pleasant working environment overall. I feel confident that our investment in Third Level’s team-building training will continue to reap benefits for the CRA and the community that we serve over the long term.

Diane Colonna (Former) Executive Director Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Third Level’s work has delivered outstanding measurable and sustainable benefits. An improvement in personal and team performance that can be linked to improved quality, margin and sales outcomes. The Emotional Intelligence tools and techniques have been instrumental in enabling me to more effectively manage a complex international assignment…helped me build a cohesive team cutting across countries, cultures, languages and management styles. The team training sessions are lively, fun and challenging. The sense of shared learning has both improved individual performance and also created a real positive team dynamic.

Graham Jackson Partner PwC, London