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Case Studies

Client:  A US subsidiary of a major global corporation that provides engineering and related cost containment services to building-intensive clients such as large pharmaceutical companies and universities across the US.

Business Need:  In a very labor intensive industry, move from a regional and functionally based model to a more efficient method of sharing knowledge and deploying resources to deliver services and identify and exploit opportunities nationally.

Solution:   Customized implementation of Third Level’s Inspirational Leadership Journey with client’s senior management.  This was an 8-month program of individual and group coaching based in applied emotional intelligence focused on bringing these individuals together as a team.  Over the course of the program, there was a profound change in individual and team behaviors, which included increased accountability and conflict management skills.  The departure of one of the two top executives in the company became a catalyst for real change in the team as individuals put more of their truth on the table – a process that became an integral part of the program as it unfolded.

Business Result:  Dramatic changes throughout the organization including communication protocol, meeting productivity and reporting structure.  Several months after the Leadership Journey was completed, the organization took on a new CEO and continues to respond to the marketplace with resilience based on heightened communication and mutual trust.

“Third Level helped the 15 leadership team members confront issues which had never been aired and to acknowledge their own part in the process. Members of the team were encouraged to examine their own strengths and weaknesses. The obvious tangible results of Third Level’s work were: 1. My division moved from losses to profits.  2. Budgets were being met.  3. Projects were being delivered on time.  4. Great success in winning new work and 5. Excellent morale.”  CEO

Client:  An award-winning national healthcare services provider operating hospitals, nursing centers and a contract rehabilitation services business across the US.

Business Need:  To lift the operating results of one of the company’s divisional teams from the lowest quartile of the company.  This team was characterized by low morale, high turnover and internal conflict that required frequent intervention by Regional management.

Solution:  Third Level put together a six month program consisting of four workshops and individual coaching sessions.  A major source of conflict for the team was the lack of trust between those charged with bringing clients into the facilities and those charged with providing the needed care.  Focus on this issue created new perspective and understanding within the team.

Business Result:  At year end the District ranked in the second quartile with high morale and good relations with Regional management.

“Third Level was brought in because we knew we weren’t working together as a team, but didn’t know how to change. The eye-opener for me was how much my own perceptions and beliefs influenced both my own behavior and that of those around me – when I made some changes, others seemed to spontaneously change too. We started really talking through the issues. Providing good care is hard work. It’s good to know I now have my team at my back.” a participant

Client: A major utility in the UK, which is currently making the transition from a government bureaucracy to a regulated public utility, from a large cost in the government ledger to a source of revenue, and from antiquated systems to state-of-the art technology and practices.  The company is very much in the public eye, and management is undergoing a sea change.

Business Need: To successfully manage expectations and deliver outstanding business results for diverse stakeholders, including the board, labor, government monitors and regulators, and customers.

Solution:  Started with customized Inspirational Leadership Journey with executive team.  Then, working with Genos and our local partner, PwC, Third Level implemented the first European case study of the Genos Motivational Fit assessment, which examines the underlying factors influencing employee engagement throughout an organization.

Business Results:  Becoming more open, trusting and effective as individual leaders and as the leadership team, the executive team found tremendous insights into the driving issues hindering engagement and productivity, and is aggressively implementing the solutions derived.

“I have been working in the HR environment at a senior level for many years and have been involved in a wide range of leadership programmes. I can honestly say that the Third Level Inspirational Leadership Programme is the first in which I have experienced significant benefits for myself and also seen tangible positive changes in co participants. Utilising the skills learned has significantly improved performance by enabling the team to work together more constructively on resolving difficult problems, tackling challenges that previously would have got in the way of us making decisions and establishing strong working relationships as individuals. I recommend Third Level for any senior team and business that wants to get issues on the table, resolve them, and move forward with tools to do so in the future.” – Director of Human Resources

PwC is exploring Motivational Fit as a game-changing assessment for their clients, as well.

“The Chief Executive had a vision for his organization, which remained stalled and he had a conviction that unless he could tap self-awareness in his team as individuals, then he could not unlock their potential as a team. Each was on their own passages of discovery, and with Stephen’s team, spent 6 months navigating their charges through some stormy waters to a Still Point, which for me personally, was life changing. To participate we had to be honest and trusting and a bond developed between us all. I can truly say I met 3 friends for life in that room and will carry respect for my other pals through life. It was not easy. It is invaluable! We recommend Third Level to any organization seeking to sustainably transform business performance by building a trusting, open and robust leadership team, which listens, learns and delivers at all levels of the business.”
Paul Atkinson, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Client:  One of Europe’s largest mortgage lenders.  The combined Mortgage Retail business is 28% of the UK market with 5.4m customers — or 1 in every 3 mortgages in the UK.

Business Need:  Consolidate and integrate operations and systems on a unprecedented scale:  nineteen sites throughout the UK to be consolidated to six within 12-18 months, impacting over 1200 employees.  In addition, over twenty computer systems to be reduced to one, fifteen brands to be reduced to five, and the mandate is for the service and brand identity to be top-of-class.

Solution:  Third Level is working with the newly formed Mortgage Integration team, helping to align and strengthen the communication, collaboration and effectiveness of the legacy managers, the distinct departments affected by the change, and the consultants who are helping to shape and drive the transformation.

Business Result:  As a result of early work in the process, the team has already solved some deeply challenging issues quickly and effectively, and is driving the behavior change down into their respective teams.

“I estimate that you have already saved us a million pounds or more in costs, and 6 months or more in delivery time by helping us to get theses key issues on the table and resolved here today. The team is bonding and cooperating well – better than could have been expected. We look forward to a robust result in 2010 with your help.” Executive in charge of Mortgage Integration

What clients say about us

I’ve engaged Third Level with multiple teams over 12 years and we continue to generate exceptional business results. I see the program as my gift for all those who I’ve worked with and led. Without exception they feel much better about themselves and the world they live in – delivering more through improving satisfaction and engagement as leaders and teams.
I am a better leader, husband and father as a result of the work I do with Third Level.

Nick Williams Managing Director of Transport, Group TransformationLloyds Banking Group

You managed to take a healthy, vibrant, and talented team to a new level of commitment to their careers, their lives and each other. Each member of our top management team has thanked me for the experience and related that this has been one of the best professional experiences of their lives. The outcome was clearly of great benefit to my businesses over the years. We identify issues that probably wouldn’t have surfaced for two years, saving ourselves at least five times our investment with you. And we are solving problems and confronting issues much more quickly. Our foundation of trust has grown quickly. More recently, the Fascination profile has helped us understand and collaborate far more quickly together as new teams form, and decision-making progresses.

Gary Press President,ARS and Chairman, Lifestyle Media Group

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