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High-Performing Teams

Helping Teams Produce Spectacular Results Consistently.
A Proven and Unique Method to Help Teams Perform at the Elite Level.

High Performing Teams--The Challenge

The Challenge and Opportunity

To meet and exceed revenue and profit expectations, the teams within a company must perform at an elite level – and work effectively with other teams inside and outside the organization.

Unfortunately, too many teams fail to perform at anywhere near this level. There are hundreds of reasons for poor performance ranging from poor communication to ego-filled meeting rooms, and from low expectations to a sub-standard leadership.

Fortunately, poorly-performing teams can be turned around – quickly. This requires a commitment from executive leadership plus proven team-building techniques and strategies.

At Third Level, we have a proven and proprietary methodology for creating high-performing teams.

The Solution

Our team-building program starts with a complete assessment of the team within the culture of the organization. We also measure leadership and team behavior as it relates to delivery and performance.

We then introduce and embed the concepts and skills of applied emotional intelligence to help your people thrive in the team environment.

We customize each leadership program based on input from the client to heighten commitment, engagement, and ownership from the outset. We also strive to align teams with existing management objectives.

Third Level programs are the most powerful way to prepare individuals and teams for outstanding, business results.

By teaching people how to manage, adapt to and accept change in a rapidly accelerating business world, Third Level programs and solutions help people, teams and organizations function at the highest level on a continuous, sustainable basis.

Our High-Performing Team Development Programs include:

Fully customized programs based on input from the client to heighten commitment, engagement and ownership from the outset—and effectively align existing management objectives and undertakings.

Our programs can be as short as a two-hour workshop or as long as a year-long Leadership Journey Program. Programs can be comprised of:
  • Workshops
  • Individual and group coaching
  • A business project that focuses team efforts in a practical and applied manner
  • Assessments – How To Fascinate profile, Third Level Engagement Survey and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 360s can be conducted at the beginning and conclusion of the program as a benchmark for measurement
  • Applied Emotional Intelligence theory and practice is an integral part of our team programs. This includes our proprietary trainings on:

Third Level’s Hot Buttons: Our system of self-awareness and self-control allowing for more conscious decision-making and responses under pressure, increased self-awareness/control, less emotion in decision-making, and more trust amongst the team.

Third Level Listening: People often don’t listen – or feel heard – at any level. Third Level’s proprietary system of listening at deeper levels dramatically improves communication and trust in the group. It also accelerates decision making.

New Team Integration 

As your organization changes so do your teams. Today that means working with and across new and established ‘teams of teams’. Our training programs will get your new teams high-performing quickly through the rapid development of deep trust, open communication and powerful collaboration.

Relationship Facilitation

Resolve differing individual or group perceptions and agendas that cause conflict through facilitated meaningful conversations—that
provide immediate resolutions— so the causes are avoided in the future.

High Performing Team Development Programs

Why Companies Hire Third Level

  • More effective teams – especially important when teams are increasingly asked to do more with less funding and less manpower.
  • The end of the pain and poor performance that comes from dysfunctional teams and constant rampant internal conflict.
  • Aligning values and behaviors with transparency and honesty so that your leaders can move from meeting to meeting, and team to team with ease and trust – which leads to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Peace of mind knowing the company and its teams are performing at an elite level.
  • Stronger, clearer communication that speeds up decision making.
  • Faster and more accurate decision making so your company can move faster and with great agility in today’s complex and ever-changing market.
  • Accountability so each team member fully understands their role and responsibilities without an overbearing sense of pressure.
  • Entire teams working with focus and common goals instead of working in silos.
  • Accelerating the cohesion and performance of newly-formed teams.
  • Team members at all levels find work/life balance.
  • A competitive edge plus higher revenue and profits through high-performing teams.
High Performing Teams--Why
Expected Outcomes

Everyone in business understands the importance of high-performance teams. But it’s important to state all the benefits that come to a company from these teams. These include:

  • An aligned sense of purpose and trust.
  • Open communication and collaboration.
  • Fully engaged employees.
  • A happier work environment.
  • Faster decision making.
  • Improved revenue and profit.
  • New products get to the market faster.
High Performing Teams--Expected Outcomes

Next Steps

When elite-level team performance is important to your organization, contact us for
a free initial consultation at 561-752-5505 or go to the contact form here.

What clients say about us

Thank you, Linda, once again for your consulting support, you have certainly helped me maneuver through this difficult team situation.  I appreciate your sincerity, candid feedback, and guidance.  I have partnered with other great leadership companies in the past to help me deal with challenging situations and without a doubt, you are amazing!

Carlos Covarrubias Vice President, Business Technology Connection Enterprise Solutions

Today’s seminar on Emotional Intelligence was outstanding! Everyone was very engaged and we all learned from the topics discussed during your presentation. Attendees provided rave reviews on the feedback forms. Linda, I look forward to future seminars and to continue to drive employee engagement at Connection.

Grisell Martinez, PHR, SHRM-CP Director – Human Resources Connection Enterprise Solutions

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