Corporate and Cultural Alignment

A Culturally Aligned Company is a Healthy and Efficient Company


The Challenge and Opportunity

Cultural alignment gives companies, whatever their size, the agility and ability to adapt to and thrive in times of change.

Corporate leaders must always be asking, “How aligned and healthy is our company – and how can we make it more so?”

You are or you will be going through massive changes in your company:

  1. You are being challenged from newer, faster companies in your market.
  2. Your known competitors are moving quickly to challenge you in the market.
  3. Your systems and processes – and ways of doing business with your customers – are changing rapidly and you must become more lean, agile, and digital.
  4. Rapid growth is ‘great’ but it’s bringing chaos and new challenges to your organization
  5. You are merging with or acquiring another company and your people need to understand, buy in, and help.

So, it’s vital for consistent success to have a company culture that’s aligned and having the healthy – and perhaps difficult – conversations that lead to better decisions and results.

The question: “How do we make sure this is happening?”

The Solution

Many companies have come to us to help them align their people and teams and ensure that their corporate culture is supportive of the company’s success.
To help our clients, we created a specific program we call the  Healthy and Aligned Culture Model.™

Third Level will help your organization understand its current state of alignment. Then we’ll design a program to create a culture where people, customers, and key processes work together to drive growth and profit.

The goal is to pull teams together, align the organization, and create a high-performing culture, whatever might be happening internally and externally.

Why Companies Hire Third Level

  • Alignment between top leadership and departmental teams built on trust and transparency.
  • Re-invigorating and redefining corporate culture when necessary, so teams have a greater sense of purpose and direction – which leads to greatly improved performance.
  • Aligning values and behaviors with transparency and honesty so that your leaders can move from meeting to meeting, and team to team with ease and trust – which leads to efficiency and effectiveness
  • Peace of mind knowing the company and its teams are performing at an elite level.
  • Faster and more accurate decision making so your company can move faster and with great agility in today’s complex and ever-changing market.
  • Meeting and even exceeding the expectations of shareholders and other stakeholders with exceptional financial performance.
  • Accountability so each team member fully understands their role and responsibilities without an overbearing sense of pressure.
  • Entire teams working with focus and common goals instead of working in silos.
  • A competitive edge plus higher revenue and profits through high-performing teams.
  • To attract, onboard and retain great talent, who become your best recruiters.
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Expected Outcomes

What can companies expect to gain through our Healthy and Aligned Culture Model?™

  • Align and improve the leaders and teams to serve the customers and drive the strategy more effectively and quickly.
  • Train, develop, and manage people to foster innovation, productivity, and growth.
  • Develop clear metrics to measure progress.
  • Rapidly deploy the organization’s strategy and improve the company’s agility.
  • Gain a total customer focus that drives more revenue and profit.
  • Understand that the core success of serving customers and shareholders is leading a powerful, healthy, and aligned culture.

Aligned organizations typically enjoy greater customer and employee satisfaction and produce superior returns to shareholders. In the aligned organization, every employee—from the executive suite to the loading dock—understands the strategy and goals of the business. Everyone knows how his or her work contributes to the overall goals of the company.


 “Aligned organizations outperform their nearest competitors by every major financial measure.” Harvard Business School

Next Steps

If making the most of corporate alignment is important to the future of your business then contact us
for a free initial consultation at 561-752-5505 or go to the contact form here.

What clients say about us

I’ve engaged Third Level with multiple teams over 12 years and we continue to generate exceptional business results. I see the program as my gift for all those who I’ve worked with and led. Without exception they feel much better about themselves and the world they live in – delivering more through improving satisfaction and engagement as leaders and teams.
I am a better leader, husband and father as a result of the work I do with Third Level.

Nick Williams Managing Director of Transport, Group TransformationLloyds Banking Group

You managed to take a healthy, vibrant, and talented team to a new level of commitment to their careers, their lives and each other. Each member of our top management team has thanked me for the experience and related that this has been one of the best professional experiences of their lives. The outcome was clearly of great benefit to my businesses over the years. We identify issues that probably wouldn’t have surfaced for two years, saving ourselves at least five times our investment with you. And we are solving problems and confronting issues much more quickly. Our foundation of trust has grown quickly. More recently, the Fascination profile has helped us understand and collaborate far more quickly together as new teams form, and decision-making progresses.

Gary Press President,ARS and Chairman, Lifestyle Media Group

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