Stephen and his team at Third Level have been a tremendous asset to Home Safe. From day one we have been reaping the benefits of more clarity, effectiveness and enjoyment of our work. We used the Fascination profile for our whole agency annual meeting 18 months ago – which everyone enjoyed – and we have been employing it as an effective management tool since. Personally, I can’t thank Stephen enough for his coaching and expertise. I have grown, and because of that, this agency is in a much better position moving forward.

Matthew Ladika CEO Home Safe

You managed to create a sense of unity among a group of cynical, mistrusting and defensive physicians, and even more impressive it is two years later, and the gains from the last visit are still maintained. I appreciate your ability to so quickly understand the desired outcomes and to effectively get to the core issues and help us work through them. It has been a rewarding experience and an unmitigated success.

James E. Buckner CEO Cuero Medical Clinic

Third Level provides a learning experience unlike any other. What they have delivered for Lagan Construction was not a traditional training course but a carefully designed programme of development which has challenged each participant on a personal level while at the same time delivering immense value to the business. In the classroom sessions Third Level coaches provided a stimulating environment which engaged every participant and made the learning memorable and fun. The Emotional Intelligence framework used by Third Level ensured that important relationship-building skills were dealt with in depth. Third Level has provided us with a platform on which to build a very strong team and a culture of leadership for our organisation.

Vincent Curran People Development Manager Lagan Construction

Third Level’ were faced with a challenging situation to begin with in the sense that the team they were supposed to coach did not seem to be fully aware of the potential the coaching offered to them and the delta which was between them and a high performance team. The coaches faced that situation with an amazing degree of patience, tolerance and professionalism. They succeeded rapidly in helping the team to understand the limits of their collaboration and the mutual trust and so created awareness of the problems. The performance of the team improved considerably as a consequence. The work with Third Level counts among the most rewarding professional experiences I have had.

Michael Junker Senior Executive Business Lead German Banking and Insurance Services Accenture, Europe

I am writing to thank you for the senior management program you organized…
We set out to create one team with one vision and the results of the programme have exceeded my greatest expectations. The transformation has at times seemed almost miraculous. We have all learned a great deal as people and as managers. The Fascination profiles really brought ease and light heartedness to the sometimes difficult task of confronting key issues.

James Fulker Director, E-Commerce Lloyds Banking Group

I had the pleasure of working with Stephen Garber and his colleagues in my position as Managing Director of a UK Construction Business with a turnover of approximately £350 million/annum which employed circa 800 staff and 1000 operatives.
Despite my early skepticism of such an engagement, I would now freely admit that the work Stephen Garber and his colleagues carried out made a significant and positive difference.  The manner in which the senior directors now interface with each other and how they deal with challenges is vastly improved.  They now approach challenges as a team rather than a series of individuals trying to make progress on their own. I would certainly not hesitate to use Stephen Garber again for such a task.

David Jeffs, BSc CEng FICE