Tell Others About Your Goals

August 21, 2015 / Category: Leadership

In one of our previous issues we talked about goal setting and those who write down their goals tend to achieve them more often. This article continues on that path of motivation and goal setting success.

Another way to motivate yourself is to tell others about your goals.

It works the same way as writing it down, in that it makes your vision clear about your goals and helps you commit to your goals. Indeed, telling others is an even bigger commitment than merely writing your goals down.

Think about it…

Let’s suppose you tell your family that you want to write an ebook. They’ll probably ask you plenty of questions about your goals, which helps you focus on what you really want to achieve. But also, they’ll probably ask you again in a few weeks or a few months. You just know they’ll say something like, “How’s that ebook coming along?”

That’s a good kick-in-the-pants motivator right there!

But you need to be careful with this strategy, however. That’s because if you tell the wrong people, this strategy could actually backfire. Namely, if you tell “nay-sayers” and doubters about your goals, they’ll come at you with so much negative talk that they could actually talk you out of your goals!

Bottom line: ONLY tell your goals, hopes and dreams to those you know who’ll absolutely support you.

Here’s To Your Goal Setting Success!

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