Making the Most of How the World Sees You

October 14, 2015 / Category: Communication , Fascinate , Leadership

People, passion, profit.

Each piece is important, but note where it all starts: people.


We’ve been in the business, coaching and training business for 30 years. As we’ve grown and continue to add to our successful program, one thing that has not changed is the fact that business is about people. The one unique value that every individual brings to the corporate world, regardless of their education, background, skills and experience, is just that – their uniqueness. Discovering these traits, understanding them and being self-aware are the keys to success, both in life and in business. In other words, the “name it and claim it” principle.

Internationally renowned branding expert Sally Hogshead’s insights on harnessing the power of who you are and how you best communicate with those around you are just one of the many tools we use and a great example of our continuing quest to share the latest research and techniques with our clients.


So what’s the key to making your uniqueness work for you?

First you have to name it. Do you know how others see you? Do you know which of your innate personality traits “fascinate,” or draw in, those around you? The first step in developing your natural strengths (which Hogshead calls advantages) is identifying them. There are 49 personality archetypes and the combination of an individual’s top two form the basis of their communicative power.

Once you know what your natural assets are you need to know how they affect others and how your unique brand works for you.

Empowering individuals with knowledge about how the world sees them, rather than how they see the world – a critical difference – shines a light on the opportunities they have as individuals to really connect with, and impact, those around them. Communication within a team is just as critical as communication between those team members and their clients. When each person is aware of what they bring to the table, and knows how best to use those advantages, many issues can be resolved. Even better, issues can be avoided altogether.

Employees who know their value, to each other and to the customer, are a huge benefit to any organization, large or small.

Every business, whether it’s a small town shop or a multi-national megacorporation, has to keep moving forward in order to survive. Profit isn’t a dirty word; by definition it’s the lifeblood of any business and its reason for being. Our business is giving your business, and the people on your team, the tools to grow, succeed, and stay ahead of the game in the corporate world. We work with individuals, teams and entire corporations.


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