Making the Most of Diversity for Business Success

November 16, 2015 / Category: Business Success , Communication , Leadership

A recent Entrepreneur article touts the benefits of diversity in attracting and retaining talent and ultimately developing a strong company brand:

  •  67 percent of job seekers say a diverse workforce is an important factor in their job search (2014 Glassdoor survey).
  • 79 percent of respondents believe contrasting approaches produce better, more creative ideas (2014 Economist Intelligence Unit report).

Diversity enhances a corporation – no matter what the size – but that strength also comes with challenges that need to be addressed.

A team that includes perspectives forged from different cultures, experiences, backgrounds and personalities has not just one advantage, but many. Different points of view bring in new ideas, new strategies, new energy and new solutions. However, the same differences that create a culture of creativity and inclusiveness can also pose challenges. Even the simplest project is full of opportunities for misunderstandings, personality clashes, and an inability to communicate that can bring progress to a screeching halt.

Third Level can give your business the tools to overcome these challenges.

Making the right choices when hiring and putting together a team is the first step. Our coaches help managers identify the best candidates for their organization, balancing diversity and experience with the ability to integrate successfully. Knowing how to identify each team member’s strengths makes the most of every contribution while successfully incorporating ideas and concepts that might at first seem contradictory.

The strategies and techniques we’ve developed at Third Level promote cohesion and effective communication, providing the piece of the puzzle that often eludes team leaders and members alike.

The truth of the matter is, the ability to integrate diverse people, ideas, and communication styles is not something which is innate for many people. But there are proven skills and strategies which can successfully bring a group of people together and create that “magic” culture of creativity and communication that nurtures and encourages success for all. Connect with us for more information and a look at what Third Level can do to help your business integrate a diverse workforce successfully.

Let’s talk soon! We can make this happen for you – seamlessly.


the Third Level Team