Power Listening: One of the Most Important Tools for a Career Boost

December 10, 2015 / Category: Communication

Remember when you were a kid and an adult listened – really listened to what you had to say? You had that moment when they looked you right in the eye, nodded along as you were speaking, took what you said seriously and responded in a way that totally validated you, whether they actually agreed with you or not.

That moment was powerful. The proof? You still remember it.

There’s a reason that effective, directed, deep listening is called “Power Listening.” It’s a powerful tool that benefits both the speaker and the listener. And it’s imperative in business if you want to set yourself (and your team, if you’re a leader or executive) up for success.

Power Listening is not a natural skill for most people, but it is a skill that can be easily learned and is very effective when employed in the workplace (as well as at home – personal relationships benefit, too!). As a matter of fact, it’s been proven so effective in the business world that our Power Listening program is an integral part of the personal development services we offer. The results speak for themselves: clients have reported closing huge deals, repairing difficult work relationships and bringing diverse teams together successfully, all using the Power Listening technique.

Among other things, Power Listening uses the skills of remaining neutral and simply receiving a message rather than becoming emotional, not assuming the speaker’s perspective and experience are identical to your own, and refraining from projecting your own emotions and ideas on the other person.

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