How Social Media Is Impacting The Hiring Process

August 21, 2015 / Category: Leadership

There is no doubt that the social media movement has greatly changed the way businesses run. This hits every aspect of a company, including the hiring process. Here is a look at how this type of engagement is shaping the way we hire new recruits.

What Does it Mean For Your Want Ads?

With social engagement being the way it is, you can find many ways to advertise job positions. This can be done through your social media pages or on your website directly. You have the ability to put your posting out on venues where you are sure to find some potential candidates.

What Does it Mean For Potential Employees?

It used to be if you wanted to know about a person’s character, you had to talk with other people that know them.

Now, with social media, that is not as necessary as it once was. You can easily go onto someone’s Facebook page or twitter feed to see what they are really about.

The types of posts that a person puts on their page will give you good indications of their personality. There are some red flags you can be on the lookout for when looking over candidates’ posts. If they are trash talking their current job or others, you can be willing to bet they will do the same thing for you.

A lot of inappropriate content is also something to be concerned about. If you have the access to read what a potential employee is posting, so do your clients or customers. They can just as easily check out your employees posts and possibly pass judgment on your business values.

LinkedIn is a Professional Outlet

LinkedIn is a great outlet for you to find people in your field. You can use these resources to search out potential candidates. This is an online resume for individuals and businesses. You can use this as a way to check out a person’s qualifications.

What Does Social Media Mean For Your Business Profile?

Just like it is important for individuals to be careful what they post on their social media pages, it is just as important that your business be careful. The types of information you post will give potential candidates an indication of what your company is about. You don’t want to put off good employees to your business because of your tweets and Facebook posts.

As social media changes, businesses will need to conform. Those that choose not to conform will be at a disadvantage to those that are up on the latest trends.

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