April 28, 2020 / Category: Communication

2020: 29 days in February, 300 days of March, and Endless April. Then a rocky roll toward normalcy in May, then an unknown June and beyond. We face such incredible unknowns in health, wealth, business, and the way we live…

…what we think we know, we don’t. It’s the worst of times, it’s the best of times…

We are likely trying to predict, to analyze the data, and to hope it all ends sooner rather than later. Or we might be ignoring and ‘making do’ in our own version of the COVID-19 experience, until ‘they’ tell us what we can or cannot do.

It’s never been like this before: We’ve had pandemics. We’ve had recessions – and the great depression. We’ve fought off natural disasters as well as wars with enemies of many types. We’ve been using social media for years – with all the platforms bringing more, faster, and more graphic information at insane speeds…

But never before have we had the perfect storm of all of this at once. Unemployment skyrocketing; a daily dose of data on the millions infected. It is so numbing that we may even be somewhat relieved that as of April 27th, we have ‘only’ lost 55,000 people – and counting – to the disease. And we watch the news, the talk shows, the briefings in real-time – never knowing what the truth is, as there is so much conflicting noise flowing at us, relentlessly. STOP!

We have a job to do. To live our lives, protect and provide for our families, and to run – or work at – our businesses as best we can. Nothing prepared us for this. So, we need to rely on ourselves, each other, and leadership, wherever we can find it. COVID-19 is giving us the opportunity to RE-everything. With all the pain and stress of sheltering in place comes amazing opportunities as well.

We get to ‘Re’:


Re-alize that nothing is forever and that we cannot control it all. Can we truly control anything? Just ourselves…


Re-evaluate what is truly valuable to us. How many of us have appreciated that we can have more meals as a family, run around a lot less, spend much less money, (and more), and still feel lucky, blessed, and truly (if not financially) prosperous?


Re-purpose: What is the new purpose for your business, or as Simon Sinek says, your ‘Why’.


Re-connect with distant friends and family. Counterintuitively, the ‘isolate at home’ has actually caused many people to connect through electronics like Zoom or Skype with people that we just have not had the ‘time’ to do so before. I know I’ve talked to – and shared funny memes and videos with friends that I rarely spoke with – due to being ‘too busy’.


This downtime for some of us to restore our homes, our bodies our relationships at home, and more


Whatever we may want to believe, our businesses and our lives will not simply go back to normal. We need to rethink how we do our jobs, how we run our businesses, how we market and sell our products.


We can inject new life into our businesses. When change happens, opportunities arise. Telemedicine, e-commerce, delivery logistics, new levels of cleaning services, distance learning, virtual meetings, these are just a few of the opportunities that are now and will likely continue to thrive.


How will you ‘re’? How can we help you?

stephen-garber-2I trust that this helps.
Stay safe and well,


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