Together or not…

March 31, 2020 / Category: Communication

Emotionally Intelligent Ways to survive and thrive in these strangest of times

There are lots of emails going around that give us lots of support and ‘how to.’ From jokes and videos to ways of working virtually, the outpouring of ideas and support is stunning.

I believe it is our inner selves that we must draw on to survive and thrive. Our relationship with our ‘self,’ our families, our friends, and our colleagues start from the inside out. You may be ‘lucky’; emotionally strong and stable, having worked at it in your life. It takes work, discipline, self-control…

My small offering is about keeping the stress to a level that is manageable while recognizing that we are all in this together, yet with circumstances that are likely unique to our own lives. We are all snow. We are in this together. And…

Each of us is a snowflake…My life is nothing like yours, no matter what it may look like. And your life is like no one else’s. That alone is worth remembering.

Here are some practices that we are finding helpful in our lives:

As best you can…

1. Create a routine

  • Exercise. It naturally releases all kinds of healthy ‘stuff’ in the body, and we look and feel better about ourselves.
  • Real quiet time. Schedule meditation, yoga, or just chillin’.
  • Limit work to a specific amount of time and at regular times.
  • Food and other compensations are worth controlling.

2. (If) Working from home presents opportunities and challenges:

  • Find your quiet space, where you can really focus.
  • Make agreements with your partner/spouse/family for how to be so close for so much time – and how to ‘take space.’
  • Patience and Empathy – with everyone, particularly If you have kids at home. I don’t, so I cannot truly advise. But, if you do the steps above, your stress management will help you cope! We do know that children are very susceptible to stress and fear. They are missing their routine and friends. Depending on age, they won’t totally understand this (as if we do!).
  • Stay connected to family and friends. You know how. Make it happen.

3. Watch your mind.

  • Thought IS Creative. When we get consumed by fear, doubt, and worry, our entire system goes into reaction and stress. When we control our emotions and our thoughts, we are healthier and better at all that we do.
  • Limit the watching of the news. It is addicting. And it brings our minds to unhealthy thoughts and feelings. Make an agreement with yourself how much you will watch/read/hear.
  • Control yourself, which will control your mind, which will control your reactions.
  • Have some fun…
    • Movies
    • Games
    • Books
    • YouTube learning something.

4. Focus on what you have.

  • Love!
  • Health
  • Family
  • Community
  • And prosperity…

stephen-garber-2I trust that this helps.
Stay safe and well,


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