What’s YOUR Story

May 8, 2020 / Category: Communication

Let’s talk about stories. Kids love stories – and we are all kids.

A good book is a good story.

Movies are all about stories.

And, our life is our story. Our story is our life. Think about it.

What’s your story? What is your story of Covid-19 in the endless 300 days of March and April – so far?

In this unique spring, when nothing seems ‘right’ or ‘normal’, those of us of the Judeo-Christian world likely found our own ways to gather electronically, celebrate, and remember times in the past of being together. Many people have shared their story of how social distancing brought a deeper appreciation of those times in the past, and the power of what we often take for granted – our freedoms, our families, and our friends. And some tell the story of connecting with a wider group for celebrating – and loving it.

Easter and Passover are rights of transition. We celebrate miracles, freedom, transitions, each in our own ways. And, they are both based on beautiful, meaningful, and powerful stories. This does not mean that they are not true. It does mean that the story is what we remember. They were written thousands of years ago – and they endure. We relive them every year, and they bring us great value. Those stories bring us together…

…and we are together AND apart as never before. We are together in the story of this ‘war’ against the invisible enemy; in our lives being disrupted; in the challenges, struggles, and emotions of the situation. And we are truly together in appreciating the stories of service of those who allow us to eat, take care of essentials, be safe, and mostly care for our loved ones who are sick. We are together in our stories of deep sorrows, fears and doubts, and the stories of sweetness, humor, and insight that we watch, hear, and feel.

We are apart physically. No two of us have exactly the same experience. Stage of life, age and number of kids, older parents, work situations, financial security, access to electronic connection, our health, and that of our friends and families and many other things make our story unique.

Here’s the key: We tell ourselves our story every day. We write our stories every day. We get to ‘own’ our story if we choose. Or, we let the news – and others – decide that for us.

Let’s write our own story. Let’s be aware of our thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitudes. Let’s hold in our consciousness how we, our families, our friends, and our colleagues will be part of our story. Stop and think. It’s not easy right now for almost anyone. Are we making it easier and better, or harder and worse?  What can we do to make it through, and…

…be prepared for what’s next? We don’t know what that is, which is often frightening.

What can we do?

Believe in and take care of ourselves. Believe in and take care of each other. Believe in and take care of our communities. Accept that nothing will be exactly the same in our world and at work. And start writing our story. It’s ours to write – and to tell.

What’s your story? Let us know…

stephen-garber-2I trust that this helps. Stay safe and well, Stephen


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