The Crucial Role of Real Relationships in an AI-Driven Landscape

August 15, 2023 / Category: Third Level

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere, whether we know it or not.

Third Level has 30+ years in the business of helping leaders, teams and businesses adapt to change – ‘the people part of transformation’. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI), transformation is happening faster than we or the world has seen – and it is accelerating exponentially. It means we all have to change our ways of leadership, management, teaming and work styles – faster and better than ever.

According to a Clutch Report, 82% of business leaders anticipate that AI will have a major impact on their industry in the next five years. That feels like an underestimation. AI has emerged as a transformative force across industries (whether we know it or not, feel it or not). It might seem paradoxical to emphasize the significance of ‘real relationships’ when AI is taking over so many tasks, reporting results and suggesting actions automatically and without human involvement.

And, AI is coming on the heels of the pandemic and the still unclear rules of employee engagement, virtual/hybrid that it brought upon us…

…in other words, we are living in and leading ourselves and our teams through the greatest transformative opportunity of our organizational lives

As with all change, it creates excitement in some, fear in others, and many of us feel both the excitement AND the fear about an AI-driven future. With this speed of change, It’s easy to assume that the human touch is becoming less relevant…

…but research confirms that the opposite holds true. Forbes reports that 84% of executives say that relationships are essential for business success. Our anecdotal interview research with clients of all sizes supports this: genuine, trusting, and honest business relationships are more crucial than ever, acting as the cornerstone for sustainable success in an AI-driven landscape.

The technology is so vast and moving so fast, that no one is truly a master of all things AI. (I have trouble connecting my IPad to Teams!). Third Level has associations and partnerships with those who live and breathe AI, data and technology every day.

What we do is help leaders, teams, and businesses align through trust and transparency in the face of any challenge or opportunity through Applied Emotional Intelligence (EI). The rapid and powerful impact of AI represents the challenge and opportunity to deepen real relationships through EI skills, up, down, and across your teams – and with your external partners, clients and stakeholders. We help you to have the crucial conversations that bring your strategy and plans to life.

As we enter this era, Third Level is working exclusively with enlightened leaders who truly understand the need for high EI cultures in order to survive and thrive in the world of AI…leaders who are willing to do the work that it takes to embrace both AI and EI.

AI + EI = Opportunity. Watch this space for some new research and ideas. We want to hear from you, and how you are making your plans and leading your people in these exciting – and challenging times.