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In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Unique data from readership trends across the open web
  • Trends across six key verticals-beauty, education, entertainment, health & fitness, finance, and technology
  • Predictions for the remainder of 2020 and beyond

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The True Importance of insights

Taboola recently conducted a study, in partnership with Qualtrics, with brands and agencies in the United States to determine which features and services they find to be the most important when evaluating digital marketing platforms to work with.

One sought-after feature we saw come up time and time again? Data and insights. With this in mind, we set out to create a digestible and efficient way to present the most timely of all the insights we house for six key verticals expected to see continued growth this year.

What clients say about us

I’ve engaged Third Level with multiple teams over 12 years and we continue to generate exceptional business results. I see the program as my gift for all those who I’ve worked with and led. Without exception they feel much better about themselves and the world they live in – delivering more through improving satisfaction and engagement as leaders and teams.
I am a better leader, husband and father as a result of the work I do with Third Level.

Nick Williams Managing Director of Transport, Group TransformationLloyds Banking Group

You managed to take a healthy, vibrant, and talented team to a new level of commitment to their careers, their lives and each other. Each member of our top management team has thanked me for the experience and related that this has been one of the best professional experiences of their lives. The outcome was clearly of great benefit to my businesses over the years. We identify issues that probably wouldn’t have surfaced for two years, saving ourselves at least five times our investment with you. And we are solving problems and confronting issues much more quickly. Our foundation of trust has grown quickly. More recently, the Fascination profile has helped us understand and collaborate far more quickly together as new teams form, and decision-making progresses.

Gary Press President,ARS and Chairman, Lifestyle Media Group

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