Get Ready for Digital Transformation

October 25, 2018 / Category: Business Success , Communication , digital transformation

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Digital Transformation is coming to a

neighborhood very close to you!

Steve Jobs was famous for his preparation. He held himself to such a high standard for his presentations, that he drove himself and his teams to exhaustion. He was relentless in his own preparation and demanded the same of his teams. No one wanted to catch the wrath of Jobs.

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Apple is one of the greatest business success stories in our country’s business history. The numbers are astounding, and Jobs drove that success ‘against the wind’. He broke the rules. He created channel conflict with his Apple Stores. Everyone told him not to. He didn’t listen. And the stores were and are sources of great income – they build the brand, and the stores thrived in the malls during the great downturn when the rest of the stores were absolutely empty.

Jobs actually practiced what is a known attribute of professional golfers. There are many scratch golfers in the world. There are far fewer golf professionals. And then there are the successful touring pros. One of their sayings is, “Amateurs practice to get ‘it’ right. Professionals practice so they won’t get it wrong.”


When we are under pressure, we want to rely on our preparation so that we can be in the moment. I know when I am at my best as a facilitator or coach is when I am fully ‘present’. I don’t need to look at my notes, I don’t worry about my material. I am fully present, as I am fully prepared. How prepared are you and your teams of teams?

Digital Transformation is coming. It will bring massive change. If you are thinking your business won’t be affected, you are on your way to business extinction. It may come from a start-up. It may come from a competitor ‘getting ready’ before you do. It may come from someone figuring out how your goods or services aren’t needed at all. When’s the last time you had your film developed? Or sent a fax? Or bought white-out? Where’s your Rolodex?

Get ready. Prepare yourself. Prepare your organization. The rules you know simply will not apply. The majority of jobs in our country will not exist in 10 years (or less!). 65% of our grade schoolers will have jobs that do not currently exist.

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” —John F. Kennedy

Look to your future. Get inside the minds of younger, smart people. See what they see. And prepare, prepare, prepare.


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