Experience the World and Elevate Your Next Team Meeting

February 2, 2022 / Category: Third Level

How can we get our teams working together in the best way? Creating or maintaining a dynamic and engaged company culture should be at the top of your list for 2022. After all, your team is the core of your business! Our good friends over at Coastline Travel have a great idea to enhance your team building. Experience the world and elevate your team – what a fabulous way to bond!

Experience the World and Elevate Your Next Team Meeting

Your passport to winter travel is here, and it is going to elevate your next team meeting or team-building exercise! We know the high that comes from traveling: Exploring new places, experiencing new food and drink, and learning about another culture. While travel has become more difficult over the last two years, we bring the destination and that travel high to you with our live, virtual retreats that your team is sure to love! Increase engagement, mental health, and appreciation amongst your employees by offering them a travel experience they won’t soon forget!

Virtual Vacations- What Can I Experience?

  • European Holiday
  • African Holiday
  • Hands-on Truffle Making
  • Festive Crafting
  • Bespoke Cocktail Experiences
  • Wine tastings

You and your team can now travel anywhere, virtually! Our virtual event management service will help you to curate the perfect experience for your next team event. Our experiences encourage fun, interactive, and engaging collaboration between your team and our leisure travel advisors as you explore your favorite destinations, virtually!

The fatigue that comes with working remotely, and constantly logging in to Zoom meetings will be turned on its head with one of our virtual-retreat packages! Whether your team wants to explore the canals and alleyways of Italy or sit back and listen to Safari stories shared by an African author, we have just the package to suit your needs—and speak to the interests of your team members.

We could all use an opportunity to relax, unwind and take a break from the daily hustle. Our food, drink, and creative crafting experiences help to do just that! Whether you are looking to have your team “sip” back and relax and experience a wine and cheese tasting getaway, or you’re looking to get those creative energies elevated with a candle-making experience, the wide range of virtual encounters we have to offer is truly as diverse and unique as your office team.

In a time that has required adaptability and flexibility, your cultural experiences are no different! Our passionate and enthusiastic team is excited to help you explore the world from the comfort and safety of your own home! Say adios to hum-drum virtual meetings and give your team a reason to be excited to log on for your next work event!

Take your team on a virtual world tour and increase engagement! Third Level can help you build an aligned and high-performing work environment. Let us help you develop strategies for your employees to perform at an elite level. Schedule an appointment today. Find us on the Third Level Facebook Page.